In Case You Missed It

I won another one. I’m still pretty shocked, but I guess sometimes we run good. Never thought I’d win the first one, and I sure didn’t think I’d win a second. So that must mean I’ll win a third?

I’ll have a longer write-up for you all soon. Right now I’m focusing on getting ready for the Main Event, which I start on Sunday. Best of luck to all who are playing.


6 comments on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Gordon Lawrence says:


  2. That's awesome, Matt.  Way to go!  Good luck in the ME.

  3. andybloch says:

    Now go for four!

  4. And now you have THREE!! Well done.

  5. Lonn Murov says:

    Congratulations Matt. Now I’ll NEVER be able to afford your fees as a poker coach!

  6. Yves Farges says:

    Congratulations! I hope this means a book for the period from the WPT cash to three bracelets though by the time it is ready to publish you may have to change the title to four bracelets 😉

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